Soul Reconnect – Coaching para personas con cáncer


We are a team of professional coaches who have all experienced cancer. We offer confidence-building and psychological support through our pioneering empowerment course and unique coaching method aimed at people with cancer.

We firmly believe that being able to choose and make decisions is the key to happiness and peace of mind for people with this medical condition.

About Teresa Ferreiro

My diagnosis of breast cancer at age 36 marked the beginning of a long journey that never ceases to amaze me. Until then, I had been working in project management for several multinationals. Little did I know then that my cancer would lead to a new career.

I wrote the book I have Breast Cancer – What now? which has become a reference for many women.

Later, when I was training to become a certified professional coach, I discovered many tools that could assist countless people on their journey towards empowerment.

So I decided to research how coaching could help people who have or have had cancer. I spent more than five years studying for a PhD, which involved designing a method and a new coaching concept called “coaching for breast cancer patients”, acknowledged as unique.

In 2015, I founded Baby Beatles, a charity helping former breast-cancer patients wanting to become mothers.

Four years later, in 2019, the pharmaceutical industry awarded me the EyeforPharma European Patient Champion Award for my work as a patient advocate and representative.

I am a certified Professional Co-Active Coach by CTI (The Coaching Training Institute), an Oncology Coach by the American Association of Oncology Coaches, and a Systems Coach by ORSC (Organisational Relations and Systemic Coaching). I am also trained in the use of the NEO Personality Inventory.

At the same time, I work as a coach at the IMD business school in Switzerland and advocate for patients in many forums.

teresa ferreiro

About Soul Reconnect

Our first-hand experience of cancer, more than 10 years of professional experience working with cancer patients, 5 years of research, a PhD thesis, and certification as professional coaches laid the groundwork for Soul Reconnect and ‘Coaching For People With Cancer ‘, a unique, specialized health coaching method.

We offer professional coaching and psychological support to people with cancer, focusing on their personal growth and development.

The foundation of our coaching method rests on people’s capacity to choose and make their own decisions, even when they have cancer. To achieve this type of empowerment, we often need tools to help us reconnect with ourselves, our strengths and our hopes and dreams. This path of personal development and growth goes beyond the cancer to focus on the person.

We look at the present and to the future:

How do you want to live with your cancer? And what do you need to do to live with it?

Naturally, we need to come to terms with our cancer, but we can take many steps to assign it a place in our life, so the condition doesn’t tie us down.

We’ve also been there. We had cancer, so we know what it feels like.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of being there for others and providing emotional and psychological care, even when this couldn’t be done in person.

With this in mind, Teresa decided to do something about it. Until then, she had been working since 2010 with breast cancer patients and championing their interests as an international patient advocate for more than ten years. She was also finalizing a 5-year research project on coaching for empowering breast cancer patients, culminating in a PhD thesis. Then came the time to put her knowledge into practice.

With her background in leadership coaching at IMD (one of the world’s leading business schools) and her knowledge of running online training courses, Teresa had more than enough experience to launch her idea. 

She put together a team of experienced specialists, including coaches, communication experts, photographers, designers, patients, and legal and business advisors, and she got to work.

The first courses were designed, videos were recorded and websites were set up. An initial market analysis with a prototype version of the Soul Reconnect online portal achieved positive feedback from customers and users even before the official launch. Such was the impact that Soul Reconnect received an entrepreneurial venture grant as well as recognition from the sector for its approach, rigour and effectiveness.

The first people with cancer and caregivers signed up, eager to embrace this new approach to dealing with cancer.

Today, more than ten years later, we are launching a new model of patient relationship centred on emotional and psychological assistance using tools and a unique method.

We offer several modalities of psychological support and assistance for people with cancer. Our platform provides all the information about our range of online training courses, combining group webinars, virtual one-to-one activities, coaching sessions and individual work.

Our work draws inspiration from ‘coaching for breast cancer patients’, a new type of specialized health coaching that combines executive and leadership coaching with its creator’s personal experience with cancer.

We also train future health professionals to assist and empower people with cancer by equipping them with the necessary tools. 

Our offer is growing every day so let us know what you need, and if we can – and if it’s in line with our life and work philosophy – we will do it.

Soul Reconnect’s coaching is based on the BCPC Model (Coaching for Breast Cancer Patients), which was developed, calibrated and scientifically analyzed by Teresa Ferreiro in a five-year study. The culmination of her research was a PhD dissertation that received the highest honours, summa cum laude.

Soul Reconnect’s model consists of 6 units of step-by-step and easy-to-follow activities. Each unit covers one specific aspect of people’s lives and is intimately related to their cancer. Research has shown that these six aspects, which are vital for people with cancer, are generally less developed or approached from a different perspective than our own course.

Each unit shows you how to use self-empowerment tools through self-reflection exercises and taking steps to connect with yourself and better understand your needs.

As coaching professionals, Soul Reconnect makes the following guarantees:

  • We follow the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the international regulatory body for coaching and coaching professionals that sets the standards of conduct for its members in line with the ICF’s core values and ethical principles.
  • We advocate and align ourselves with the cancer treatment prescribed by the patient’s medical team. Under no circumstances will we promote or support the use of alternative therapies that imply the abandonment of conventional medical treatments.
  • We uphold the Basic Law Regulating Patient Autonomy and Rights and Obligations Regarding Clinical Information And Documentation (Law 41/2002), which guarantees the rights and specifies the obligations of patients and users.
  • We assist our users in their empowerment process, understood as the process in which they restore their self-confidence, responsibility, autonomy, free choice and decision-making, self-control, and management of their condition, emotions and life.
  • We recognize that the user’s capacity to make their own decisions is that of a human being that allows them to discern between different options they take, based on their personal criteria, in a conscious and empowered manner.
  • We regard the use of complementary therapies solely as tools to improve the user’s quality of life.
  • We understand the user’s choice as set out in Law 41/2002, consisting of freely and voluntarily opting between two or more care alternatives, among several physicians or among care centres, in the terms and conditions the competent health services establish, in each case.

PhD Research thesis

After recovering from breast cancer and qualifying as a certified professional coach, Teresa Ferreiro began a PhD to study the efficacy of coaching as a tool for empowering people with cancer. To this end, she spent almost 6 years undertaking research on breast cancer patients. This work was carried out in several stages:

  1. Data collection (theoretical framework) from bibliographical sources to analyze the state of the art in patient empowerment through professional coaching.
  2. Design of the Coaching for Breast Cancer Patients (BCPC) Model, based on fieldwork with experts in that area.
  3. Implementation of the BCPC Model on a group of breast cancer patients.
  4. Collection and analysis of the results of the testing of the BCPC Model following the life history method.
  5. Enhancement of the BCPC Model based on the results of the analysis of the first test and its subsequent implementation with a new group of patients.
  6. Collection and analysis of the results of the improved model through life histories and the drafting of conclusions.
PhD Research thesis

– Coaching as a tool to empower breast cancer patients undertaken by a former cancer patient achieved high patient satisfaction. Indeed, the research conducted by a professional coach with a previous cancer diagnosis was significant since this aspect had not previously been considered in the scientific literature. 

– The BCPC Model proved a success. Having acquired the tools that helped these patients become aware of how they wanted to live their lives, they reported feeling able to make their own decisions. 

– The discovery of critical issues in the patients’ day-to-day lives, which has been rarely studied in the literature, was indispensable in the empowerment process.

The PhD thesis was awarded ‘summa cum laude’, the highest honours.

Among other aspects, the experts and academics on the examining board highlighted the following:

– The cross-disciplinary nature of the work that brought together coaching, medicine and communication in a single study.

– The practical application of the research.

– The need to continue the research and implement it in health settings.

– The quality, rigour and meticulousness of the study.

  • The takeaways were terrific. They helped me interpret aspects of my life I had never considered before I did coaching.
  • Coaching helped me to give more importance to what makes me happy. It’s as important as, or more important than, having a job.
  • I realized how much I wanted to live.
  • It was so good, I’d do it all my life.
  • Coaching set me free.
  • Coaching helped me to put my cancer in its place so I could live without feeling ill.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission statement is our team’s life purpose: 

– To empower people with cancer to confide in their resources and themselves as champions of their healing process and lives.

– To transform how people, both within a company and in society, perceive and support people with cancer.

  • We envision a world where:
    •  Men and women with cancer can tap their inner resources to cope with such a difficult situation. 
    • Empowering employees with cancer or other medical conditions is part of a company’s DNA.
  • We seek to change the stigma around cancer, particularly the widely held view of people with cancer as victims. Thus, we believe the person – not their cancer – should be at the centre of their condition.
  • We aspire to help people with cancer in every corner of the planet to make their lives as meaningful as possible. 
  • We also seek to raise the profile of our empowerment-based coaching method for people with cancer.
  •  Authenticity. Connecting with the driving force inside brings up the answers we are looking for.
  • Compassionate care. Based on respect, humanity and, not least, love. Indeed, our relationship with our coachees, suppliers, clients and team is based on mutual care.
  • Transparency. We are what you see, with no double standards. If there is anything you want to know, ask us.
  • Confidentiality. What you tell us stays between you and your coach. 
  • We are precious creatures who deserve to receive care and to heal our wounds.


All our coaches and trainers are certified professionals with proven expertise and experience working with individuals and organizations. 

They have all been trained in the Soul Reconnect coaching method for people with cancer.

Moreover, they have all experienced cancer first-hand. You can find further information on their profile page.