Soul Reconnect – Coaching para personas con cáncer


Meet our group of professionals who are passionate about coaching and empowerment and have extensive experience working with people with cancer.

All our coaches are certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation and have been trained by Soul Reconnect.

Teresa Ferreiro

Founder and Director

I love it when I hear patients who have been through cancer say, “cancer doesn’t define me”. Cancer doesn’t define me either. And yet, curiously, it’s true that the breast cancer I had at the age of 36 transformed my life: it opened up options and routes I would not have chosen otherwise.

My personal and professional path would be different without cancer, and Soul Reconnect would not exist. Who I am and where I am now is something I wouldn’t change for the world. 

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Amaya Bezares

Marketing Head at Soul Reconnect

I have always been passionate about marketing and advertising. I have been lucky enough to work with excellent professionals in agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Grey or Bbdo for accounts such as Samsung, La Caixa, Repsol, Solan de Cabras or Turismo de Canarias… And this passion has not stopped budding.

After almost twenty years, I continue to love my job more and more and am proud of my expertise in Account Management, Branding and Global Communication Projects.

And my university teaching experience is the flip side of this passion for my work…

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Olga Romanillos

Coach and trainer

With my ears and intuition, I listen for the big issues facing women today: what’s the cage that keeps you trapped? How far are you from becoming your true self? Where do your wings want to fly? How will you find your authentic voice? My coaching style is both playful and deep. It draws on a variety of models, concepts and experiences that I have accrued throughout my coaching career. In each moment, I choose intuitively what I feel is needed to support your process. And I include dreams and artistic expression as a powerful source of insight.

Some years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer. The treatment and healing process led me to connect more deeply with my values and how I live.

I am on the faculty of THNK (The School for Creative Leadership, Amsterdam) and CTI (The CoActive Training Institute, California), where I perform play training and mentoring roles in their certification programmes for coaches.

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Eliana García

Coach and trainer

I developed my professional career in corporate finance. During my MBA at IESE, I understood the beauty and importance of the interrelationship between people and organisations.

The leukaemia I was diagnosed with at the age of 31 prompted me to put my experience as a chronic patient at the service of other people with cancer. Thus, my commitment to having a positive impact on people led me to train and embark on my path as a coach. 

One of the gifts I receive from coaching is empowering people to get closer to their hearts as well as discover and manage their challenges and yearnings with authenticity and honesty. The opportunity to do this in the corporate world I belong to and in which I have grown is a true privilege.

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