Soul Reconnect – Coaching para personas con cáncer

Coaching retreat

Take charge of your life in the heart of the countryside

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    Reconnect with yourself. Rebuild yourself. Reinspire yourself.

    You are not different. It has happened to all of us.

    You’ve succeeded, but you still have to overcome it.

    Not talking about cancer or interiorizing it as something you have to solve on your own won’t help you move on.

    You need solutions and tools to help you. And to acquire these, you need a suitable space and a minimum amount of time with yourself. Leave your emotional self-doubt behind and become yourself again. This retreat offers you that space, that time, those tools, and the support you need to become the protagonist of your life.

    Professional coaching

    Inspired primarily by co-active coaching, ORSC system coaching and extensive knowledge of leadership training.

    Eminently practical

    Dynamic exercises for reflection and personal growth, individually or in groups.

    Practical tools to help you in your day-to-day life

    By the end of the retreat, you will have acquired new tools that will help you in your daily life.

    In the heart of the countryside

    We escape the hustle and bustle to re-encounter ourselves and reconnect in a place exuding peace, ideal for introspection.

    Three days, five goals

    The Soul Reconnect retreat consists of a break of three days and two nights. Two coaches – both former cancer patients – with extensive professional experience with people with cancer will be on hand to assist you 24 hours a day.

    And all in the most idyllic countryside setting to ease your reconnection process. Relax in the company of people like you, in a friendly and pressure-free environment, enjoying relaxing strolls and fresh, healthy food… Everything is organized to work on five crucial mantras:

    Reconnect with…

    Breast cancer does not define me, it is just another life experience.

    I am myself again, and I recognize myself.

    The future is bright, and I want to go for it.

    I am not fragile. I feel my energy renewing itself.

    I am not alone. I can share and learn with other people.

    Teresa Ferreiro Vilariño

    World leader in health coaching.

    European Patient Representative Award.

    Author of the book: I have breast cancer – What now?

     (published by Ediciones Obelisco, Barcelona 2012.)

    Founder of the “Baby Beatles” charity, which helps former cancer patients who want to become mothers.

    Leadership coach at the top-ranked Swiss business school IMD.

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    Olga Romanillos Váquez

    Creator and facilitator of REWILDwomen workshops for women empowerment.

    Twelve years of experience in personal coaching and leadership development.

    Faculty member of THNK, The School for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam.

    Faculty member of the CTI, a pioneering international coaching school.

    Co-Founder of Moving Your Soul, Another way of living Alzheimer’s.

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